Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Back To Basics

Well hello everybody,

This is the first post on my blog in quite some time. I've now officially launched my website joeykellyallstars.com and in the process linked my blog page to the site as well.

  There's been so much that's happened since I last checked in here. I've since played and shared the stage with some of the most talented & dynamic musicians around, Gene Cornish of The Rascals, Vince Martell of Vanilla Fudge, Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee Ricky Byrd, the incredible Jon Paris, Kenny Aaronson of The Yardbirds, Mark Bosch Of The Ian Hunter band, the list goes on and on. I'm also featured on the Peppy Castro (Blues Magoos)/Steve Leber soundtrack, "Rockin' The Bible" as the singing voice of Moses, soon to be produced as a Broadway play.

  I'll also be fronting/singing with both Dive Bar Romeos & The Magic Tramps at The Max's Kansas City ,76 LP/CD party at The Bowery Electric in NYC:  May 25th through May 27th. On the official Jungle Records CD release will be the Joey Kelly / Peter Crowley composition, "AMANDA" which you can pre-order through Amazon Prime. Meanwhile enjoy this live recording from the summer 2016. The Staten Island All-Stars featuring Joey Kelly, Ricky Byrd, Kasim Sulton, Marge Raymond, Dee Meyer & Tony Provosti.

Talk Soon,
Joey Kelly