Sunday, June 19, 2011

Six Months Time & A World Away....

Well I finally get around to adding another chapter to a day in the life. It only took me six months to do so. At this point I can hardly remember what happened yesterday let alone the beginning of the year. If I recall correctly "All Mobbed Up" played what appears to have been their final show at The Gecko Lounge on Staten Island last December. The Holiday Christmas Bash was with some special talent that evening. Peter Baron, long time friend and musician graced us with his rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" and it rocked. John "JD" DeServio from "Black Label Society" jammed with the Mob on the Rolling Stones classic "Sympathy For The Devil" and besides John being a fantastic bass man, he's one Kool Kat!  Last but not least Natasha Adonzio put on one of the best fashion shows to come out of New York City in a long time. "The Mob" will continue to do specialty gigs around the NYC area in the future. The band will be in Coney Island every Saturday night during July and August this summer to send off Cha Cha's Of Coney Island in Style. The reputation of the band and the crowds they continue to draw cannot be denied. Never let it be said "All Mobbed Up" doesn't do things in style. They Always Do!
What I do know is that the long awaited Buddy Love CD was finally released a couple of months ago and has been hailed as one of this years best Power Pop albums to date. Looks like me & the boys will sign a deal with the new CD Project as well followed by a summer & fall tour. The band also continues to pitch songs and soundtracks to major movie and film outlets across the globe. The 2011 highlight for me was on Valentines Day when Buddy Love was asked to appear on "All Night with Joey Reynolds" show on the NBC television network. It thought that was pretty cool, you know Valentines Day/Buddy Love and the whole bit. Let me say it was quite the gig playing our songs for millions of people across the world. It's hard to explain how that really feels, you're somewhat nervous, excited, anxious and "Ready To Rock" all rolled up into one emotion. We decided to open the show with our new single "Crying Town" and close the show with our first chart single from 1980 "Sheila". When you get involved with NBC doors open, connections are made and deals are drafted. A special thanks goes out to Joey Reynolds and the NBC staff for making that all possible. You can find the band performance from NBC on You Tube.

                                                     I would be remiss if I was not to mention my excitement in singing with some of the best female vocalists around. Imagine Joy Ryder, Donna Destri, Dina Regine & Yours Truly involved in a project that we call "Girls Night Out", a perfect blend of harmony & melody that resembles some of the best pop vocals ever recorded or live. "Girls Night Out" has been featured at The Chelsea Hotel (with Walter Stedding) for Jayne County's Art Opening last month. We also got together at The P&G uptown for another go. Originally Joy, Donna and Myself did our first show At Killmeyers on Staten Island a few months ago and we knew right away, we should do this more often. And that's exactly what we've been doing. Singing with these lovely ladies is a labour of love that I just can't put down. Besides I get a chance to sing with all these beautiful female creatures of Rock and Roll. It ain't easy being me.
I think one of the most memorable undertakings this year so far was assisting Billy Rath (Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Iggy Pop) launch his debut show in over 20 years as he begins his comeback onto the Rock and Roll stage. Both Johnny Rao (David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain, Michael Monroe) & myself knew going into this project we would not be able to commit long term to The Street Pirates due to our ongoing obligations elsewhere, Billy also knew this. A true rock icon in his own right, Billy was on his game as we proceeded to put together a fine show that Mr. Rath could now take on the road with confidence.  Johnny Rao along with yours truly assited Billy with time, availabilty, rehearsals and a whole bunch of positive energy and encouragement that will help him launch what we're certain to be a successful run.  Good Luck Billy!
Just last night I received a call from a singer that I have admired from my early days in Brooklyn, Marge Raymond. She asked me if I would be available for some vocal work this summer.  Now it really doesn't matter what I may have planned this summer because it all will be put on the back burner when it comes to working with Marge. It's hard to explain but when you have the chance to grace the same stage as Marge in any capacity it's absolute magic. From one vocalist to another, to exchange melodies back and forth, to be able to know a vocalist so well you know when to take center or backstage, these things can't be taught. It's Magic with Marge!
Last but not least July is the month "Joey Kelly's All Stars" will debut at The Bowery Electric for the "Johnny Thunders Birthday Tribute" put together by my good friend Steve Krebs. This will be a who's who of  Lower East Side Royalty finishing up the night with Walter Lure & Jeff Magnum. All my Rock and Roll buddies will be on this bill. The All Stars will consist of some long time friends and gifted musicians that I try and play with whenever I can.  Johnny Eggz (from The Mighty Pragmatics) on guitar and vocals, Johnny Rao (David Johansen, Syl Sylvain & Michael Monroe) on guitar and vocals, Joe Vasta (Mink DeVille & Billy Idol) on bass & the Drummer TBA.  We decided to do some classic NY Dolls & Johnny Thunders songs people will remember.
I have put together a wonderful research team to assist me with the "Treatment" for my book. I can't talk about this in detail for I have been slapped with a Management gag order, so to speak. But I will say this, I had no idea my yesterdays would impact my today's as much as they have. I look forward to working with my newly developed team and begin the process of writing a book.
Joey Kelly, Author. I Like That!
Ciao For Now & Keep Rockin'